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I am a Carlsbad, CA artist. I call my style of painting Contemporary Expressive Color, which basically means I like to use color to express my emotions. I combine expressive and impressionist color and brush strokes to scenes of the natural world. Often my paintings are of a house, or houses, and trails through a landscape. These represent the soul, individual, or society, and the trails are the journeys of life, the path taken. My paintings take place in an alternate reality. I change perspective, heighten color, dramatize certain aspects, and minimize other details.

I was born in Washington DC grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. My education includes two years at the Corcoran Gallery and College of Art + Design in Washington, DC, and a BFA in Painting from Virginia Commonwealth University. I’ve lived in San Diego for more than twenty years. In that time I have had my own graphic design studio, displayed and sold my paintings, and taught art. Currently I teach all media of art in Escondido, CA at my studio, and workshops during the summer in Santa Fe, NM. I teach color theory every so often at the Art Institute of California in San Diego.My specialty is color theory and communicating emotion and ideas through color. I don’t teach a particular style, but encourage students to find their own style and use the fundamental language of art, (color, composition, design, techniques, etc) to get across their ideas.

I have a dog who looks like a Cocker Spaniel but is probably a Golden Doodle. 

Please visit these fine galleries to see my work in person! ​

The Ranch at Taos, Taos NM –

click here to go to their website ​

Wilde Meyer Gallery: Two Locations in AZ – 

click here to go to their website

InArt Gallery, Santa Fe NM – 

click here to go to their website ​

La Playa Gallery, La Jolla CA –

click here to go to their website

Chasen Gallery, VA & FL –

click here to go to their website ​

Cathy Carey Gallery Cardiff, CA

1261 Windsor BLVD, Encinitas, CA 92007

Closed during Covid 19 – Please call for appointment


12 thoughts on “About

  1. bbsartanddesign says:

    Returning the follow, and am excited to see your beautiful vibrant art in my feed! I love your use of color, and your art is just so alive! Looking at them makes me feel happy. – BB

  2. angelasenior says:

    Hi Cathy, Thank you for liking my post, seriously thank you. To get a like from someone with your talent feels amazing! I love your paintings they are so vibrant and full of expression (I’m very much an ‘I don’t know art but I know what I like’ person, so I hope that’s the right way to describe it haha). They all feel like an exotic summer.
    Much love and respect,

  3. Alli Farkas says:

    Your paintings brought back all sorts of memories of southern California for me–I lived there for some 40 years. Many years ago I also took a train ride (I think it was the Coast Starlight) from San Jose to Los Angeles and did enjoy the scenery, although I did not paint it! And the quail…I still have a bronze “quail crossing” sign that used to be in my California garden. Thanks for taking me on a vibrant tour of my past!

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