The San Diego County Fair!

It’s still to be foreseen if Cathy will be exhibiting in the Del Mar Fair Art Show, however we are still excited to support other artists and the Fair. If you haven’t heard, the theme is Alice in Wonderland this year, which works perfectly because in October 2015 Cathy painted a short series of Rabbits! Then prior to this in June she painted “White Rabbit in Wonderland” which definitely goes with the theme!

If you are planning on attending the fair, we implore you to check out and support the artists who are displaying their artwork.


Painting by Cathy Carey 2015©

“White Rabbit in Wonderland”


San Diego County Fair Information

  • Assistant of Cathy Carey, Cass ________________________________________________

If you have any questions, comments, ideas or want to commission a painting feel free to contact the artist, Cathy Carey, at any of the links below. Your opinion is important!  

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email Cathy Carey at:



Twitter: @careyartstudio

Facebook Page:

Newsletter Link: Here


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