Sketches from Canadian Rockies

Excited to see some of Cathy’s Sketches and Watercolors? In August of 2015 she took a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Calgary. While she was traveling she sketched what she saw in a sketchbook and in another small sketchbook she watercolored various landscapes and water scenes.

There are so many beautiful sketches, we will show you the rest in the next blog post. Let us know what you think and what would look beautiful in a painting.

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In all of Cathy’s work, she creates what she receives from what she’s seeing, not what everyone else sees. This puts a creative and colorful touch on all of her sketches.

Stay tuned, there are more watercolors and next week we will be releasing all of Cathy’s February Paintings!


  • Assistant of Cathy Carey, Cass




If you have any questions, comments, ideas or want to commission a painting feel free to contact the artist, Cathy Carey, at any of the links below. Your opinion is important!  

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email Cathy Carey at:



Twitter: @careyartstudio

Facebook Page:

Newsletter Link: Here

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