Elfin Forest Acrylic Workshop

Cathy Carey Demo in progress


steampunk bracelets

Over the Weekend I held a painting workshop to benefit The Escondido Creek Conservancy. Isabel and I had a load of easels and supplies to pack in, and we were thankfully helped by Jeff Swenerton of the Escondido Creek Conservancy, and students.

The creek runs through the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, one of San Diego’s hidden gems in North County. We headed down the path to the right into the Live Oak Grove. This is an awesome spot to hold an art class, hike, picnic or just enjoy nature.

On the Trail

After the setup demo begins, lots of fun was had and work done .

Viewing Demo


There are many spots to view the creek for an individual perspective.View or the creek

Sue Ann in the works

Leslie and Nancy and Gayle


Much work was done and beauty created before the downpour started.
Sandra in progress

Sandra's w: hand

Group of three

Tracy's work

La Retta finished



Luckily we had plastic bags along to protect our work until it blew over.
On the way


Everyone did great job and the Escondido Creek Conservancy was very appreciative of the money collected as a benefit to the preservation of this area.

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