Colors of Summer and Fall

SP54 aqua sea -

Summer Fun Colors

Some of the gorgeous colors of the summer are Turquoise, Cobalt, Sage, Purple, and Rust. Meant to capture and inspire moods like: “Dreamy solitude”, “Energy and vitality”, “Peaceful rest with a hint of playfullness”, these colors awaken the senses and bring new ideas!

Top colors of July

 Fall Favorites

Taken from the Color Solutions International website: In the Fall/Winter 2013 Inspirations, we share our vision of future color direction. Bold favorites were selected to take the forefront of this season’s color palettes – cobalt blue, deep magenta, electric yellow, royal purple, bright coral, and classic red. To give a deeper dimension to these options, we added more subtle and definitely elegant shades to complement these more intense prominent colors. Whether you are happy and content or longing for better days ahead, this season’s colors wait to be discovered.

For more info on color trends check out:—Summer-2013.cfm#.Ua5RDpXH2X0—Winter-2013.cfm#.Ug6GQRaSOX0

Fall Fashion Forecast colors 

Pantone is a terrific site to discover the upcoming trends in color for fashion and interior design.

SP54 aqua sea -
SP54 aqua sea –

The color of the year is Emerald! “A lively, radiant, lush green”

 Emerald City - steampunk necklace
Emerald City –


Aqua Rockets
Aqua Rockets –

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