The Evolution of my painting “Two Under a Spanish Moon”

I painted this after going to Spain and spending some time at the Alhambra in Granada. 

This painting is of the part called the Generalife which was the the Sultana’s garden, where the ladies of the court stayed separately. While there I heard a story about a lady who met a lover in the courtyard and was discovered and they were both killed. I envisioned the two spirit lovers together forever as the cypress trees in this beautiful garden, under a bewitching moon. 

Stage 1 – I paint the canvas with gold gesso or paint, then do a drawing in purple and black Gamblin Fast Matte oil paint.


Stage 2 – I fill in with colors what will show through the final layers, so this means they are the opposite in some way, if the final color is to be dark, I start light, if it is to be cool I start warm, if it is to be a neutral color I start with a brilliant color. I also allow the gold to show through, which can be hard to have little chips of the background still showing through at the end!


Stage 3 – I build up the color to be more solid and in places more opaque.


Step 4 – My brushstrokes become more distinct and the colors are now moving into the final color.


Step 5 – the final version!


Two Under a Spanish Moon was juried into the Escondido Municipal Gallery show “Local Color” and can be seen at the gallery now until August 3. The reception is July 13 from 5:30 – 8pm. This is a People’s Choice award show – so go and vote for your favorite painting!

Gallery info:  262 E. Grand Ave.
   ph. 760-480-4101
   fx. 760-480-4121

  email the gallery 

To see more of my paintings visit:

To see my hand painted jewelry visit:



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